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Whether you’re just starting out in business or have been running your business for years you want and need to be successful!

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Do you want to achieve business and life success?


So what is success?

It’s very important to define your success and know what it is you are looking to achieve with your business.

  • Is it earning a certain amount of money per year?
  • Is it being happy in what you do day to day?
  • Is it having no boss?
  • Is it about providing for your family and spending quality time with your family and friends?
  • Is it about working less hours for more money?
  • Is it about knowing your future is now secure?
  • Is it about having more holidays and time doing what you love, knowing your business is still providing you with an income whilst you are not working in it?

We have found the above to be most small business owners’ definition of success.

Unfortunately the reality of many business owners/managers looks like this :

  • They do not make anywhere near the amount of money they intended on earning.
  • They work long hours (sometimes more than their staff if they have staff) and rarely see their family or get to do what they love.
  • Their future is far from secure.
  • They start to not enjoy what they originally loved and were passionate about.
  • If they manage to take a holiday they spend all their time worrying about their business, their income is reduced massively or stops completely.
  • They are their own boss however at this stage they spend time thinking “I wish I was an employee”.

If this describes you now, or you want to prevent that from happening to you, then check out what we have developed for you.

We have put together a cutting edge program that is all about your business success. The purpose of this program is to help give you what you originally wanted from your business ……… true success!

You’ll receive instant access to amazing resources that you can access at any time you want, as soon as you subscribe!

Work on your business, at your own pace, apply action and get results with the incredibly cost effective SMALL BUSINESS SUCCESS PROGRAM!

We know that as a massage business owner you may have had very little or no real marketing training, certainly not enough to help you get the business you desire.    Let’s make that a thing of the past!


So what’s in the Massage Business Marketing Program?


Once you log in you will be able to access all the resources and work through at it at your own pace.

Here is a run down of the topics included:

  • Getting Started is all about helping navigate your way through the program and includes many bonus topics.
  • Course 1: Effective MarketingTopic 1 active marketing, Topic 2 Generalists vs Specialists, Topic 3 Joint Ventures for your massage business
  • Course 2: Build a highly targeted client database – Topic 1: How to build a client database, Topic 2: Increasing your clients lifetime value, Topic 3: Using Opt-In forms to grow your list.
  • Course 3: Write great copy that sells – Topic 1: An introduction to great copy that sells, Topic 2: Sales copy examples, Topic 3: Marketing formulas for great sales copy
  • Course 4:Verbal sales skills to gain more customersTopic 1: Your elevator pitch, Topic 2: Converting incoming calls into business, Topic 3: The art of asking questions, Topic 4: Mindset will improve your verbal sales skills
  • Course 5: An online presence that generates leads and income – Topic 1: Websites and your massage business, Topic 2: Selling physical or digital products via Ecommerce platforms, Topic 3: Social Media and your massage business.
  • Course 6: Set and implement sales targets and goals – Topic 1: The 3 step system to results, Topic 2: You get results if you monitor, Topic 3: Taking action to make a profit
  • Course 7: Be effective at relationship marketing – Topic 1: Get more clients with effective networking

Thank you Suzie. We are extremely grateful that we have found someone who cares as much about making our business a success as much as you do. You have given us focus, helped us achieve real results and given us back our time.

Scott Corrigan

Healthy Lifestyle Clinic

I would suggest that if you want to work with the best, most proficient and most supportive organisation that really treats your business like it’s theirs, then you would look no further.

Jason and Brad

Create PT Wealth


Suzie Crawford is the owner and director of Amina Academy Logo-SuziePty Ltd. She’s an award winning business trainer, author, personal investor and charity worker. Suzie’s background is education, training and management with 25 years experience in both large private and public companies. This in itself is amazing value. Live trainer support is normally only available in courses that cost thousands of dollars!

A message from Suzie:

“Running a Registered Training Organisation for many years, we have found that most small business owners and entrepreneurs either don’t work on their business at all, (they work in it), and often have had no effective business training.  There are incredibly expensive courses out there, that we feel are often over priced and are often more academic as opposed to action based.

Many school leavers are tempted by loan schemes and pay over the top for a business qualification, whilst existing owners just do the best they can do.  

There are those that leave their program of study in a particular area, and go on to open up their own business, but do not have the knowledge, the skills and support to apply the necessary action to get results, and then often fail in business as a result.  This is very sad we feel, as it means their dreams and passions can often be shattered.

That’s why we have put together a very cost effective but action based program that has a strong focus on achieving success in all the areas you need to be in control of as a business owner.

It can be accessed online anywhere in the world. It’s all about helping you define, re-define and achieve the success that you want your business to deliver for you in your life! The business owners receive optional live support from industry experts and myself to help guide them and get the best from the program.

Check it out, there are no lock in contracts and it is well worth the money.”

With the resources in this course plus the live trainer support, emails, newsletters, interviews with the experts and consistent action from yourself, RESULTS WILL FOLLOW!

I was surprised how simple and quick it was to build the business using Suzie’s business model combined with the invaluable assistance and support provided by her team. It has allowed me to grow … in a way I never thought possible.

Sharyn Watson

Solutions Training

I found the program to be one of the best things I could do in terms of making my business, my time and my efforts more effective. All the systems and procedures now put in place continue to save me countless hours which of course means countless dollars. I have fished out where the main issues lied, what my business goals are and where this business is now taking me. Probably one of the most powerful things that came out of this program for me was the fact that I realised I no longer desire to be a business owner in terms of managing my own company and staff as I have all the benefits of such a business right now (such as freedom and flexibility) without the pitfalls of owing a large company and being responsible for the staff. I would and do highly recommend this program to any business or their staff!

Kym Alexander

Wealth Acceleration Group

Your program is a fantastic help/motivator for a person standing at the beginning of a very exciting new adventure – your first own business. Your advise is practical, easy to apply and gives the individual a lot of food for thought.

Thank you for your passion.

Deidre Lekas

DL Corporate Training

Suzie’s knowledge and experience has helped me realise that with discipline and determination I can too live a life of no regret and just go for my dreams. Suzie gave me practical steps on how to make the right changes in my life and I am so excited to get started and apply the tools she has taught me. Thank you so much Suzie for choosing to share your knowledge which was so very well outlined and clear for me to understand and follow.  It has helped me realise what’s important to me and to get my priorities straight. Truly empowering.

Sandrine Cherrier

Gold Coast, Australia

Working with Suzie has sent me to a whole new place. She is passionate about what she does and sincerely cares about her clients achieving what they really want. My journey with Suzie started a couple of years ago and step by step, I have enjoyed more and more success in all the avenues I have chosen to challenge. The latest being the property market. It can be confusing and frightening when embarking on something you know little about, but dream of making millions from. It’s a must do program for those who want to grow and learn how to make their future secure.


Gold Coast

Amazing Value! 
Your monthly subscription amount will never increase!- Fresh new content added to the course is at no extra charge!

Take action, and get started now! Available Worldwide!

Only $479 AUD to access all these amazing resources!

Implement what you learn and watch your income soar!  

This does not include a formal qualification. For those of you who want a qualification with the program, this can be discussed after subscribing in your initial Live run through of the program.

Both my life and my business have changed dramatically since I began working with Suzie. Her gentle insistence has shown me clearly that I CAN achieve everything I want and more.

Thank you Suzie.

Susan Living

The Clean Living Clinic



As well as all the amazing massage marketing material we give you, you will also receive all the amazing bonuses below, completely free!

1.  Fundamentals for a successful business

  • The business models large businesses use to create a successful business.
  • Easy to follow business systems that work in the real world.
  • Three proven steps to guaranteed results in all aspects of your business.
  • Business success = strategy + financials + marketing + operations + people.
  • The one key thing you need to know to build a business that works
  • Creation of  a Business Plan … this alone could save you $000?s

2. Your business strategy

  • Write your strategic and operational goals … be clear on what you want from your  business.
  • Picture your business as if it were complete … what will it look like, what will it be?
  • What do you want your business to look like in six months, one year or two years time?
  • The little-known way to create passive income through your business (you can take a  holiday and your business will keep running without you).
  • Leadership and influence … have you got the Entrepreneur, Manager and Technician  balance right in your business?

3. Finding and keeping your customers

  • Create a 12-Month Marketing Calendar that will generate leads for your business and  start bringing the money through the door.
  • Monitor the results of your Marketing Calendar … know what works.
  • Create your own business revenue calculator that will calculate how much of each of  your products/services you must sell to achieve different revenue targets or returns.
  • Build and manage your most valuable asset:  your client database.
  • Build and manage your second most valuable asset:  your network.
  • Develop your business to be the provider of choice.  How to ensure your potential  clients chose you over your competitors.
  • Getting results from on-line marketing
  • Staying up to date with technology
  • Creating Sales Funnels for your business
  • Myths of Search Engine Optimization and what to avoid
  • Verbal Sales Skills and closing the sale

4. Making a profit and generating cash flow

  • An easy way to set and monitor your financial targets.
  • Develop a business model which generates multiple streams of income.
  • Know how much money is coming in and going out of your business at all times.
  • Be able to monitor your financial results on a weekly and monthly basis with our easy  to use financial management system.
  • Implement your Action Plan to ensure you remain focused on your short and long-term  financial targets.
  • Know and understand the numbers of your business.
  • Conduct a financial analysis of your business through ratios … how do you compare

5. Create work/life balance through business systems

  • Create simple weekly and monthly routines:  the aim is to become as efficient as  possible as quickly as possible.
  • Planning and working your schedule to ensure the important tasks are completed.
  • Identify and only implement systems that are bringing you the results you desire.
  • Start to develop a systems-dependent business, rather than a people-dependent  business.
  • Create a business model that generates income, even when you are not there.
  • Implement your Action Plan to ensure you remain focused on your short and long-term  operational targets.
  • Leading a business built on accountability, efficiency and completion.
  • Your authentic self

6. Finding and keeping the right staff

  • Create an Organisation Structure clearly defining who does what.
  • Create documents that define the purpose of each role including measures of  performance and operational procedures.
  • Implement a process for building accountability, motivation, teamwork and  productivity into the workplace. 

7. Current subcribers will receive three levels of support from Suzie. 

  1. Monthly educational newsletter:  In the first week of every month, you will receive an educational newsletter.  The newsletter is intended to be both informative and motivational.  As well as providing guidance, tips and advice, it will also be used as a forum to help you stay on track, apply action and work on your business.
  2. One-on-one support: Once per quarter, you will be scheduled into a one-on-one phone meeting with an industry specialist.  The purpose is to give you any individualised assistance you may need, as well as monitor your progress.
  3. Email support: You will receive full email support from Suzie. 
  4. A free Copy Critique: on any advertising material you have created.


Suzie, your book is truly inspirational. You teach from your experience and from your heart. You truly want to help others realise their full potential in life, and to help them start their journey into wealth creation not just for themselves, but for them to help others through their success. This is truly awesome.

Shirleen Kumar

Brisbane, Australia

You really know your stuff! Suzie has been a fantastic mentor to me over the past few years. She really knows what she is talking about and doesn’t beat around the bush. Her examples are real because they are her own and she doesn’t hold back. I have been able to escape my busy corporate job and now have a clear direction and plan for my retirement using Suzie’s PROVEN System, which is so easy to follow.

Mara Egan

Gold Coast, Australia

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With the resources in this course plus the live trainer support, emails, newsletters, and consistent action from yourself, RESULTS WILL FOLLOW!

Amazing Value!
Your monthly subscription amount will never increase!- Fresh new content added to the course is at no extra charge!

Only $479 to access all these amazing resources!  

This does not include a formal qualification. For those of you who want a qualification with the program, this can be discussed after subscribing in your initial Live run through of the program.