How to be one of the successful massage therapists!

Why do only 5.7% of massage therapists earn over $50,000 per year?

Imagine being one of the few massage therapists to actually succeed in business, earning more money, having more free time doing

Hi I’m Suzie Crawford, a successful business owner, trainer, educator and course creator for many small and large successful companies.

I have built multiple successful businesses over the last 10 years.  I have also worked with a number of alliances to help them build six and seven figure income businesses.  I specialise in helping people build reliable, sustainable, scalable businesses with multiple income streams.

In this free online training you’ll learn the 7 keys to building a successful massage business.  By understanding and mastering these 7 keys, you’ll achieve the work life balance you want your business to deliver you.

You’ll also learn about the Top 10 challenges facing massage businesses right now and how to overcome them.

Have you ever thought ‘How do large businesses grow?  What business models do they use?’  Discover the lessons of success from large businesses and how you can apply them to your business!  Did you know that 92.7% of the top causes of business bankruptcies are within management control?  This is great news because it means YOU have control over the success of your massage business.

what you love.